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We imagine human-centered ecosystems with respect to collaboration and the contribution of all the organisms that are a part of this world, where nature, man, and the digital merge.

Concept Design

Our projects, characterized by a strong focus on innovation, sustainability, and beauty, take form from unique and innovative architectural concepts, based on aesthetic, functional and cultural considerations. Research, analysis, experimentation and technology, are the tools for developing design concepts that integrate technique and creativity, while respecting the surrounding environment.

Interior Design

At Open Project the interior design project begins by listening, understanding, and interpreting the needs and desires of those who will occupy the space. Through analysis and in-depth research, we design tailored interior spaces that encourage interaction and gathering of the people who live within them. For us, designing an interior space is designing a way of life where the space responds to today’s ever-changing living, working and communication needs.

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Heritage Design

The fate of historic buildings is often linked to architectural and modern transformations and processes of restoration and reuse. Intervening in this area means attributing new value to an existing and unique palimpsest; allowing historical heritage to continue to live and assume a renewed role within contemporary society. Through sustainable design, contemporary needs converse with the uniqueness of architectural history.

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Computational Design

At Open Project, architectural design is supported, during its various phases, through the use of technique and computational tools. The control and manipulation of data, through algorithms and structural logic, find function in the composition and management of complex architectural systems, within environmental design and in the optimization of workflows.

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Communication Design

Beginning from the analysis of the architectural elements of a space and the needs of the future users, Open Project designs spaces that are recognizable and attributable to the company brand, through design choices that reflect communication effectiveness. Based on the client’s needs, we define a singular, interactive and flexible graphic project that is integrated with the structural and decorative architectural elements for an existing or newly designed project.

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