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We are manufacturers of design. We imagine, design and create spaces of wellness for all living beings.

Human - Centered Design?
It's not Enough.
We need a Living Being - Centered Design.

We are aware that the future begins with a concept that is larger than what we have considered up until now: human beings are not the only creatures on this Earth. Our concepts of sustainability and belonging are anchored to the relationships that exist between all living beings.

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For us, Architecture is a narrative, a story that begins with a place, a transformation. Connecting all the parts that make us human and the environment that enfolds us.





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Open Project’s Values Charter

Our company embodies a community where shared values guide the provision of our services to clients. For a community to truly exist, it must establish its structure upon a set of guiding values that navigate its daily course, especially during moments of uncertainty and difficulty, aiding in making judicious decisions. These values govern the actions and behaviors of individuals within our company, enabling them to work cohesively while expressing their creativity within an organized structure. A common thread that unifies and adds value. The growth of our community stems from the personal growth of each member. This opportunity is extended to all, and it is the responsibility and volition of each individual to seize it. The company, in return, will offer recognition and rewards to each person based on their duties and merits. Advancement and professional growth within the company are directly dependent on the merit, commitment, and responsibility of each individual.

1 Responsability and Merit

Responsibility is the prerequisite for merit, and merit, in turn, is essential for establishing trust in one’s responsibility. The conferral and acceptance of responsibility stand as the pathway to both individual and collective growth.

2 Creativity and Method

Creativity is the engine that propels our work forward. While individual creativity may manifest as genius or artistry, creativity integrated within a methodological framework contributes to shaping an organizational structure wherein each individual has the opportunity to be creative, namely to create, to leave, professionally, an imprint of oneself.

3 Perseverance and Solidarity

Perseverance is indispensable for maintaining focus on objectives. Perseverance, like merit, is an individual effort. However, without solidarity, goals cannot be achieved and surpassed. The sense of community allows us to rely on each other, knowing that those working alongside us do so with utmost commitment, enthusiasm, and respect. The sense of community is to live in the office, our daily home, and to have respect for everyone's time. Time for work, time for training and research, time for oneself, and for one’s family. The company supports, with its own means and tools, agile work, integrated into a codified program and not left to disorganization.

4 Fun and Reliability

We cultivate a culture of humor and self-deprecation, engaging in lightheartedness while preserving professionalism and unwavering focus on objectives. Our community embodies reliability, a trait upon which our clients place their trust. Building and preserving this trust is a time-intensive endeavor: efforts must be directed toward its protection, as its restoration, once compromised, proves challenging.

5 Dream and Pride

We immerse ourselves in our work and daily routines, reserving space for dreams and a lateral perspective on matters. While introspection is encouraged, upon identification of a determined path, each individual is tasked with concerted efforts to contribute to the realization of objectives. We take pride in both our professional accomplishments and the collective identity of our community.

6 Innovation and Impact

Our ethos is characterized by an unwavering commitment to renewal and innovation, positioning ourselves a step ahead of others to navigate the uncharted waters of the future. While embracing innovation, we reject technological isolation. Innovation is viewed as a collaborative endeavor, fostering the sharing of visions. Our actions are guided by an awareness of their impact on the planet, external society, the realms of finance, production, and the third sector. We design and act with the objective of generating sustainable and socially responsible impacts.

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