"Per qualcuno può essere lo spazio"

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"Per qualcuno può essere lo spazio" is the organized series of discussions by Open Project to explore intersections between arts, disciplines, and diverse thoughts. We believe that design is a tool capable of promoting dialogue and offering a fresh perspective on the issues and circumstances that shape our daily lives, providing solutions through the sharing of a common project.

We celebrate the 40 years of Open Project with a series of meetings that revolve around the theme of crossing boundaries between different disciplines and fields, celebrating the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and methods belonging to art, design, and social sciences. It's a dialogue on how the city and society evolve, through the perspective of prominent figures in the cultural world who provide a multidisciplinary and nuanced reading on current and collectively interesting topics.

Founded in Bologna in 1984, the architecture and engineering studio Open Project has numerous achievements for large national and multinational companies, ranking among the most active studios in Italy with different building typologies, including residential, hospitality, student housing, cultural, public spaces, commercial, workspaces, and offices. A path of continuous growth has led Open Project—now led by Maurizio Piolanti and Francesco Conserva—to bring together a multidisciplinary team of 50 highly qualified professionals, collaborating on the development of complex projects.
The studio conducts continuous research in favor of technological innovation and high standards, with particular attention to environmental sustainability, earning significant recognitions and international certifications for many of its projects.

The talks will take place in various locations in the metropolitan area of Bologna, from April to December 2024. The selection of venues reflects the open and stimulating approach that underlies the events.

Each talk will have a specific theme, dedicated each time to a different realm of thought and creativity, involving prominent figures invited by Open Project to express their views on the focal topic of the event.

Starting from the concept of collaborative thinking, a fundamental method and practice of Open Project's research and activities, the meetings involve the participation of different personalities in design, creativity, cultural operators, and promoters of social initiatives, as well as institutions. The goal is to create open and fruitful connections between different fields and knowledge, networking, and provide the community with a comprehensive and multifaceted overview of the topics discussed.