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A square and tree-lined promenade, in San Lazzaro public space is once again liveable. The project intends to regenerate public space in the center of San Lazzaro, a small town at the heels of Bologna, and thus naturally bring together the piazza and main walkways together to create one large urban space with a fierce green footprint.

  • Public Space
  • Landscape
  • Masterplan
  • Regeneration
  • Structural Design
  • Sustainability
Concept and Technical DesignOpen Project
ClientComune di San Lazzaro di SavenaLocationSan Lazzaro di Savena (BO)Area6000 sqmYear2022 — Ongoing
Covered shelter
Covered shelter

The project is called Respiro and speaks to both improving air quality and creating a decompressed area where the greenery is the protagonist with new plantings, wide flower beds and seating. The radical transformation of the public space extends the city towards the square which is surrounded by the town city hall, church, and various commercial spaces. In this way the square opens itself to become a shared space to be lived in by the citizens that surround it.

In order to face the epochal changes we are experiencing, we need to propose more organic visions and paradigms, creativity, and ideas that can unite and achieve inclusion. The intention of the project is to create spaces that facilitate interaction and nurture connections. Creating networks entails looking at what we have in front of us, to discover what makes it extraordinary.

Open Project has made it an objective to propose a concept of common space that encourages the square to be a meeting place, a place to rest, and an opportunity to ignite relationships between people. Hence, the name Respiro intends to reconnect human beings to nature and, at the same time, connect people to each other. Respiro considers the changes that have taken place recently, and the ever pressing need to have healthy hybrid spaces that can serve even as a workspace, and as a result, the square is equipped with shaded areas and seating.

By placing the quality of life and interpersonal interactions at the core of the project, three aspects of the project are established. The first is to create a large pedestrian area, fill the open spaces with greenery and permeable paving, and develop shaded areas and strengthen air quality. Over 1.000 sqm of existing surface area will be re-paved since it is impermeable, and fitted with new planters that can contain new and existing trees to create shaded areas to accommodate seating systems suitable for all ages.

Approximately 5.000 sqm of the total paving will be permeable, allowing for proper water drainage in the event of extreme rain events. In addition, the design of the site prevents water from remaining still and stagnant. The central part of the piazza will remain flexible and open to different uses yet remain integrated to the space to encourage community life. Moreover, several water features will be incorporated that will foster play for both children and adults.

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