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Founded in 1984, today Open Project is a multidisciplinary structure, organised in order to develop all the aspects of architectural and engineering projects, from the concept to the supervision of the operation.

The multidisciplinary approach of Open Project tackles the transformations involved in the construction process today.
For OP, the project is not limited only to the technical-architectural operation: an essential element becomes the capacity to correlate the complexity of the economic and market aspects with their project experience  so as to organise the operations in urban areas of reconversion and upgrading according to integrated planning strategies.
Furthermore, from the technical and architectural point of view, the guidance of technological research takes on a certain significance, with the aim of finding solutions which are compatible with a modern ecological concept of architecture which is expressed to the maximum in the architectural simplicity which characterises projects and realisations for residences, commercial complexes, offices, schools and highly specialised scientific research institutes.

In order to create buildings which contain elements of innovation and a high standard  of housing, Open Project follows the principle  – fundamental and objective evidence of qualitative research – that it is the architecture which governs the transformation processes as much as possible: from the individual and social needs, to the quality objectives based on comfort and aesthetic parameters, to the long-term expectations.
The objective: to identify responses coherent with a picture of evolution expressed by society and by an architecture that questions itself, using a strategy that makes optimum use of the resources available.


Open Project has gained particular experience in territorial planning and integrated planning/design of complexes for Industry, logistics, large-scale retail, shopping centres, agriculture and food centres, social and residential construction. Taking into consideration the changed needs to recover abandoned sites and complexes, furthermore Open Project has expanded its field of activity to include building surveys as well as to consulting for redevelopment activities linked to their upgrading.

In response to the growing complexity and specialisation of the market, Open Project, as early as the end of 1988, obtained the certification of quality  according to the regulations UNI-EN-ISO 9001 for its architectural and engineering planning/design, extended in 2004 to include works management. Open Project joined forces with Professor and Engineer Massimo Majowiecki, an international level specialist  for the structural planning/design of large-scale works.