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Private House

Nearby the Museum of Rural Culture, the city planning proposes a site of expansion subdivided into modest lots, large enough for the construction of single-family dwellings.
Architectural restrictions regard the type of material used for the perimeter walls, as indicated by the traditional exposed brickwork. The surrounding landscape is typical of the countryside in the Po valley.
The architectural reflections are oriented towards the construction of a villa, seeking high quality performance in technological choices and introducing an orientation towards concrete sustainability, within its energy and thermal insulation parameters.

Therefore, the approach is towards a line of horizontal development for the building, working on a strong rooting in contact with the ground: the dwelling is laid out only on the ground floor, almost stretching itself into a floor-plan that does not reproduce the geometry of the lot, but that opens up freely: the living area is distinctly separated from the sleeping area, both hinged orthogonally on the entrance atrium; this creates an area of internal privacy on the lot, towards which the eastern façade of the living room relates through wide sliding glass doors, marked by the floorboarding in driftwood, which suggests a more immediate, live contact with the ground.