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Genova Wholesale market

A wholesale food and farm produce market for fruit and vegetables, comprising a fruit and vegetables pavilion, a logistics hub, and general services and facilities such as engineering workshop, refrigerated warehouse and storage areas, canteen facilities, and sales/import-export offices.
The project for the new centre was part of a rehabilitation project for the former Sanac industrial site and was designed as a single complex divided between two main buildings, the fruit and vegetable pavilion and the logistics hub.
These are accompanied by four smaller buildings: the covered rail dock, a central workshop, the waste collection and sorting centre, and the entrance hall with reception desk.

The essential criteria behind the architectural design were functionality, the ability to accommodate expansion and evolution, the partial or total functional flexibility of the structure and, last but not least, the relative inexpensiveness of the design. The arrival, distribution and movement of goods takes place entirely at ground level using specially dimensioned ramps, with operations facilitated by a central canopy roof forming part of the fruit and vegetable pavilion, where goods can be unloaded at a single point before being transferred to the wholesalers’ depots. With parking areas all around the market, goods can be directly loaded and unloaded to and from individual bays.