Shopping Center I Petali 2018-03-29T15:48:08+02:00

Shopping Center I Petali

The shopping centre shed the usual “box” image and strives to make all the different functions recognizable through different outer materials.
The slab of the commercial part, with its ceramic tiles of different colors, becomes a pediment onto which the building develops. A dynamic composition, enhanced by the angled element and the randomized windows.
The hall is glazed and volumetrically distinct from the slab, while the multiplex, covered in curved metal panels and set back from the perimeter, further breaks the continuity.

The small oval buildings on the two end complete the composition. These employ a double skin to maximize energy savings.
The area has been functionally divided in two: an urban park connecting the building with the natural park. A series of squares with green water and play elemennts anticipate the entrance in the actual park.