HERA – Cogeneration Power Station 2018-03-29T16:55:04+02:00

HERA – Cogeneration Power Station

The scheme occupies a surface area of about 3500 sqm in the eastern part of the compound, near the main road serving the industrial quarter of the city. Because of the proximity to the main road, the aim for this project was to minimize the visual impact of the building complex, while also reducing the noise pollution in the area.
Taking inspiration from the significative presence of vegetation in the area, we have tried to integrate the east facade with the surrounding landscape by building an artificial hill, cut in two, in order to create a visual tunnel focused on the chimneys.
Looking from the road, it can be perceived as rising and twisting, a to represent the clean energy of the methane gas burning. This tower becomes a landmark and the tridimensional logo for the plant.

The building contains a methane-fed co-generation power station.
The interior is principally occupied by the two gas turbines, two generators using recycled steam and a steam turbine which produce electrical energy and district heating. Fumes from the two recycled steam generators are carried away by two chimneys, each with a diameter of about 3 metres and a height of 50 metres. Connected to the two turbines are two aspiration ducts, equipped with air filter systems, drawing in air for combustion.
The building also contains all auxiliary devices for the functioning of the power station, such as control room, switchboard rooms and management offices.