Cento’s Art Gallery – TGR news

Research team
Arch. Marco Orlandini, Eng. Carlo Lippo, Eng. Viviana Cannas, Eng. Lisa Galeotti, Arch. Massimiliano Carletti, Arch. Francesca Bond

1. Analysis of seismic events and their effects upon the architectural heritage
2. Study of safeguard procedures and restoration of architectural manufacts
3. Development of the case study about Cento’s Guercino Art Gallery
4. Analysis and study of safety procedures
5. Analysis and study of church’s refurbishment and seismic improvement procedures
6. Study of post seismic rebuilding processes of captive architectures
7. Identification of ecological solutions for the removal of architectural boundariesarchitettoniche

The activity must produce a teoric and practical method that will be applied, generally, to post seismic interventions on captive architectures. This methodology modelled on the case study about Cento’s Guercino Art Gallery can be extended to both any case study and real case.

March 2017:  F.BOND, Musei senza barriere, miraggio o futuro prossimo?, Il Giornale del Restauro e del Recupero dell’arte, online magazine.
September‐December 2017: Design lab of Matherials and Technologies for Historic Buildings course, Unibo’s Engineering and Architecture School, headquarter of Ravenna. Prof. Marco Alvise Bragadin, Arch. Francesca Bond